Our Service Team

Veterans of Customer Support

No overseas outsourcing here. You get the most competent service techs around with generally more than 5-7 years in the industry, and not just with us, but with related industries such as credit card processors, call-centers, hardware troubleshooters, and more. As a team, our staff brings you the net harvest of all their acquired experience to solve issues that the others delegate to often little more than call-fielders.

Our Services

We offer a full suite of services. For starters, we have a you-can't-beat 24/7 Hardware tech support hot line handled by the harware provider directly : POS-X.

On top, we provide all included software /service/back office bundles that can be paid monthly, yearly, or a combination depending on YOUR needs.


Team Functions

We functionas a cohesive unit - adapting to deliver the service your operations expect and need.

Our team's branches work cohesively to deliver a P.O.S. solution that exceeds your expectations from in-store cashier and managment ease of use to delivering MUO and Franchisor centralized reporting and administrative tools.