The Datapoint POS Software Advantage

We deliver a software product that is the right fit for your organization or small business. Whatever your growth curve, you can be sure we have you covered.

User Friendly

We believe our products to be the most user-friendly in the industry. Cashier and daily management operations are intuitive and simple. More powerful & customized functions are abstracted away from the store level user to not intimidate but be there for the power users and administrators.



in Point-of-Sale

Our lead developer has over 20 years POS development experience, including the first touch screen point-of-sale system fro Subway sandwiches, developed 20 years ago and still used in hundreds of stores after two decades. Our service techs are veterans of POS support and related help-desk support an average of eight years.


Managment Tools

& Staff Controls

We provide clean, intuitive management tools for daily operations and reporting as well as more customizable and sophisticated analysis functions for power users and administrators. Powerful cashier and management controls and logs hold staff accountable.


Store POS


Our systems include all core functionality - POS, staff controls, Labor tracking, scheduling, inventory, and more like basic accounting link-ups. We do not nickel-and-dime you for 'modules' that should be there in the first place.


Courteous & Timely

Help-desk Support

We consider our help-desk team elite. They are experienced and dedicated professionals who can assist you in a myriad of ways - phone support, chat line, e-mail, FAQs, and even remote control of your system to handle special issues and show by example.


Web Reporting

& Access

Our systems allow you to access your site(s) data from anywhere you have internet access. See reports as though you were at the store itself - as well as consolidated reports of your sites if you are multi-user.




Remotely set-up key functions from the web to deploy to your sites - individually or by groupds. Coupons, menu pricing, new prdoucts, employees are just a few key examples of 'definitions' you can set-up from a central database with most internet devices and distribute to your sites.




We work with the franchisors, even if the franchisor is not a direct customer. We rarely if ever charge any extra fees to make our POS system offerings compliant with basic sales reporting and automatic ordering directives. While we will do custom work for franchisors, the core compliance issues are always something we consider as fundamental to your base software.


We work for your


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